Wednesday, June 13, 2012

On The Register!

Well, a lot has happened since my last post.  Let's review a detailed timeline to date:
2011-Nov-09: Construction Engineer vacancy announcement opened
2011-Nov-27: I submitted my application
2011-Dec-16: Construction Engineer vacancy announcement closed
2012-Mar-23: Invited for Oral Assessment on Apr-19
2012-Apr-19: Passed Oral Assessment
2012-May-02: Submitted medical clearance documentation for me
2012-May-07: Submitted medical clearance documentation for my spouse
2012-May-21: Contacted by security investigator
2012-May-22: Interviewed by security investigator
2012-May-30: Construction Engineer vacancy announcement opened again
2012-Jun-05: Received worldwide medical clearance
2012-Jun-12: Received e-mail notification that my case has been approved by the final review panel, and my register letter will be sent by postal mail

Wow, on so many levels.  Based on what I've read, the process timeline can vary dramatically.  My experience to date seems to be fast compared to others' experiences.  It's very exciting, however I don't have an [unconditional] appointment offer yet.  In fact, there are many things I don't know at this point, including:
- my "rank order", which is my ranking on the Register compared to other Cleared Candidates
- exactly how many positions State is looking to fill this year (I've read 7, but that was subject to change)
- if State will have funding for the positions
- when the Construction Engineer training would start (I've read September 10th, but I'm not sure about that)

At this point I don't believe there is anything else I can do: I suspect State is completing the suitability review process for other candidates in order to determine the entire rank order (which would determine where I rank compared to everyone else).

Because there isn't anything else I can do, I can ponder why State opened the CE vacancy announcement again.  I assume it's because they didn't get enough candidates from the November 2011 vacancy effort, but of course I don't know (add this to my list above).  But then I wonder if State would have enough Cleared Candidates to justify having a training class this year (add this to my list above too).  With all of these what-ifs, I could...go crazy?  Don't mind if I do...

Nevertheless, I'm incredibly excited because I'm at the final step before an appointment could be offered.  It's been a long trip: an investment of time, money, and mostly emotion that I wouldn't've believed going into it, but things appear to be on track for a fall training class.  Sweet.

(This post written while listening to Richard Cheese Sunday Bloody Sunday.)