Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Vacancy filling

Who wants to build an embassy?  YOU DO.

The Construction Engineer vacancy is open again - we still have many openings, so please apply. I recently heard the last four rounds of applicants making it to the interview phase were: 6%, 7%, 2%, and 4%. Sounds a little thin, but then I also heard there are typically only around 250 applicants each round.  These numbers are unofficial, but they put things into perspective.

We have some cool projects going on, check out these OBO press kit files if you're interested.  And if you aren't interested, then check out this selfie.

(This post written while listening to Loverboy Working for the Weekend.)

Sunday, April 20, 2014

EER already

It's been a busy month - bidding, unusually significant project issues, a week vacation, EER writing, and my parents visiting over the Cherry Blossom festival weekend, it all made for a blur of life and a sustained steep learning curve. EER season was just as challenging as last year: another big push to write up our Best Of moments. I originally put this in mine, "When Mark walks into a room wearing the clothes he does, people know he's not afraid of anything." Somehow it didn't make the final cut. At least EERs are over for now.

The new Ebola strain in West Africa is certainly a major concern - we also have some projects in the region, so I've been paying extra attention to the news on it. No direct impacts so far, but that's a pretty crazy unknown to have to deal with if you're in the region.

By the way, I found this link on West African art photographers really interesting - check it out if you like that sort of thing.

The elephant in the room for me is the assignment process, which technically has been ongoing since last June. I seem to be very close to an assignment, I should know something concrete in the next two weeks. Exciting!

Also, this was an interesting sign that showed up on one of our cubicles recently - solid advice here about post's Management Officer and OBO's Project Director:

(This post written while listening to Favored Nations The Set Up.)