Sunday, February 23, 2014

New embassies

As is evident from the still-open Construction Engineer vacancy, work has been busy. The workload's unlikely to change soon, particularly if an upcoming staffing change is finalized this week.  More soon on that.

Last week had a major step forward for a new embassy in N'Djamena: the construction contract was awarded.  While there are many steps remaining before shovels can hit the ground, the award is the culmination of a lot of work on many fronts.  It's exciting to see a new project on the verge of starting construction (probably this summer).  It'll be great to watch the new embassy project from design through completion, there's an incredible amount to learn from the process, like not just how to pronounce N'Djamena, but what are fun things to do there (TripAdvisor lists 3!).

Back to more work, there might even be more if one California venture capitalist gets his way.  I believe his actual plan is to form separate countries, each of which will need a new embassy.  (Note: my belief is not based on facts, only on unfounded hypotheses.)

(This post written while listening to Big Head Todd and the Monsters with John Lee Hooker Boom Boom)

Thursday, February 6, 2014

More vacancy

Now, for a limited time only: the Construction Engineer vacancy is open again!  This offer ends on March 6, 2014.  You too can join a rank-order list of eligible hires - huh, not really the sexiest of advertisements, but you get the idea.  Bonne chance, mes amis!

(This post written while listening to Talking Heads A Clean Break)